1st Official Blog Post!

Hello There!

Well this is my blog where I am going to highlight my adventures.  Some of them will take in a bit of walking or skiing, but most of it will be cycling.  SO hence the blog title iCycle.

I have lots of trips planned (see below) and lots of previous stuff still to collate and document (see right).  But my main project/holiday lined up for this summer (July/August) is cycling from Vancouver, Canada all the way to San Diego and the Mexican border.  I am going to have to dip my toe over the border to say I have done my three countries!  

As you may or may or may not know I have always been a cyclist but my passion for cycle touring started when I did my tour around France and you can see how that went by clicking the mega adventure link on the right.  But my motivation for this Canada, USA, Mexico trip started when I came across the coolest guys and gals in the world who set up Adventure Cycling a non profit organisation.  They have devoted their time producing cycle specific routes and maps across America.  They definitely make me think I was born in the wrong decade.  In 1974 I should of been 18 years old and not 0.1 years old.  Checkout a video of the organisation below, I swear it should stir some emotion in you to give it ago.  The two people that actually created the video are a couple of video journalist and have a site called America ByCycle and if you can get past their ‘enthusiasm’ they have some useful information as well.  But the Adventure Cycling guys, defo cool!

This week has been eventful I got Lucile back from Pedal Sport after spending £500 notes getting my gear ratios sorted out.  She came back like a new beast and when I took her out for a ride I was getting really really giddy.  On the wet decent at about 40mph she slide out on a corner.  She could be going to Ti heaven.  If you are from the same planet as Lucile the locals there call heaven heavtium.  I don’t have too long to wait for the storktium to hatch me a Lucile 2.0.

Below a picture on Lucile the night of her slippery toes.  Or is it heavtium?

She did cry out out in agony  her very limited vocal structure made the weirdest sound.  It was very reminiscent of metal scraping on something solid, something like tarmac, that is the best way of describing it.

Today had to go out on Rocky and you can tell the difference between the too bikes.  Rocky being a boy just wants to throw crap up in my face all the time and makes a lot of the ride hard work.  And Lucile well she is just more civilised.  It was a good ride although the battery did run out so did not log my miles back from Littleborough.


It was nice taking in some off road action away from the noise of the traffic.

So in the pipeline, six days to go!

Myself, Darran Jugroop, Nic Howarth, Paul Jervis and Mark Robinson are taking on the three UK stages of the Grand Depart in near enough consecutive days.  Taking our kit with us in our panniers and backpacks, stopping in B&B’s.  I love this stuff and going with these boys is going to be fun.

  • 12th April:  Halifax to Harrogate 120 miles
  • 13th April:  Steady cycle to York 40 miles approx
  • 14th April:  York to Sheffield 120 miles
  • 15th April:  Van down to Cambridge.  Drop van off at a national hire depot. Cycle Cambridge to London 100 miles. Then the train back up from Kings Cross with celebratory drinks in hand. 

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