Sorry For The Delay

Hi there.  Sorry for the delay, but trust me the blog will get busy when I start my tour on the 18th July.  The riding never stops though!

Things have been busy on the bike front.  I have bought a load of gear ready for my summer trip from Canada to Mexico. A lot of what I have been doing in preparation I have just been adding to my Facebook page.  So if you have not yet selected to follow me thorough that media yet it might be something to consider because it is easy for me to put smaller updates through that site.  Things will start to get busy on the Blogger front when my tour starts on the 18th July.   You can also follow my rides through you can get to that page by following the stava boxes on the side of this page.

I have registered on the site to hopefully get across the USA with the generous hospitality of other hosts.  I have sent a few messages out for the 1st quarter of my trip. I have not had any replies yet, so I will keep you posted on the effectiveness of this site.  At the moment though it looks like a lot of camping.

I got a GoPro for my trip and I did some local testing to find the best mounting positions etc.  Below are some videos that I did as a test and one for the comedy value as people think I love my bike too much.

The comedy video as I am told I love my bike too much.
Testing the GoPro on a 52 mile ride round Holme Moss
Testing the GoPro with a snapshot of Calderdale

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