Day 1: Canada to Mexico

Miles Today =  0
Total Miles = 0

Well my plan was not to have too many beers on the last day of term.  Planned failed, had way too many and then thought there is no point in going to sleep seeing as Daz was picking me up at 0400.  I still had the last few things to pack as well which I did when I got back from the night out.

Getting Lucile in the box was a bit of a squeeze and when I tried a couple of days ago I just had to leave it, sleep on it and give it another go at a later date.  It worked out in the end and I managed to fit all my luggage in the box as well!  The total weight came to 27.5kg and the limit is 32kg so I was well under.  I forgot to tell you the best bit.  As it is my only checked in bag/box it did not cost me anything.  So that got me thinking, you would be better off using a bike box and pretending it had a bike in it and it could just be your clothes.  Another bonus would be that your box would be always waiting for you to collect at oversized baggage, no waiting at the conveyer belt.  My Lucile was always there before me.

Has you can see from the pictures I had an idea to make some supports that look like the evil fighter spaceships from Star Wars, idea by me, made by Mick which was best, as they are both neater and stronger that mine would have ended up.  Cheers Mick!

The flight from Manchester to Toronto is about eight hours so got that bit done and dusted, had to collect Lucile and recheck the box as it was my first airport in Canada, bit of a strange system but not too much trouble.  But it was at this point that I realised it is true that baggage handlers don’t give a shit and it is up to you, the packer to make sure it is safe.  The box was mangled, anyway I did not worry as there are plenty of bike shops in Vancouver and if anything needed replacing I would just need to spend some cash.  But it did get me thinking that on any more touring trips that involve plane trips I am going to do it on a folding bike.  Another one to add to the stable.  Going to get a Moulton like that cyclist I stopped with in Montpellier last year.  

The box before check in.

The box after first flight

Flight to Vancouver from Toronto takes five hours and all three airports, Manchester, Toronto and Vancouver all have different time zones.  Manchester (0), Toronto (-3), Vancouver (-8).

The longer flight from Manchester did not have any screens or entertainment so it was just the iPod and sleeping I was right on the back row and could not even see a window  never mind look out of one.  I thought it best to try and perfect my Hugh Grant English accent by making up reasons to speak to the beautiful cabin crew.

When I landed in Vancouver it was very straight forward.  Lucile was waiting in oversize.  Outside taxi.  Got to the room, dumped my stuff and went straight to the food place next door.  The menu was lovely, healthy and nice.  I had a salmon and berry salad and it was gorge!

You can’t see them from my hotel room window, but around the other side are bloody huge mountains, they look really cool.  Hopefully tomorrow when I venture into the city I will have loads of cool pics for the blog.

Got back to the room and thought ‘lets see what Lucile is like’.  Opened the box and she was fine.  The bend in the box was where the frame ended and the wheels started so looks like it will be sorted once she is build up.

So a bit tired now, I will have a sleep, get up early, build Lucile and go explore the city.  Well I am here, excited to build Lucile, excited to get into the city, excited to see things and meet like minded and completely opposite kinda people!

First ‘Realisation Of The Trip’ which in further posts will be shortened to ROTT. Yorkshire is not English.  No one can understand me, they just seemed to nod their head and answer questions that I have not asked.

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