Day 2: Canada to Mexico

Miles Today = 16 (Sight seeing Vancouver)
Total Miles = 16

Well got up quite early and got ready.  Set the co-ordinates in the GPS for both MET the outdoor shop and Stanley Park.  Then set off.  The first time on Canadian roads.  Back home I am a confident cyclist and traffic does not intimidate me.  I have to admit I was not like that here until about half way through the day.  To start with there is this big highway running right outside the hotel and I did not even know if I was legal to ride on it, turns out it was fine and I can ride on anything that has a speed limit of up to 80kph.  Obviously want to avoid anything like that, but it is good to know.

Once I had been on the highway about 10 minutes I took a turn and came across a sign bragging about how the city is made for cyclist and it showed how to get around using road and off road trails.  That was all I needed to see to own the road again.  

The weather was not good, very cloudy.  I stopped off for a breakfast and everything and I am trying it hard to find anything unhealthy on any menu I have seen.  I went for this protein box which consisted of boiled egg, oat bread, peanut butter, grapes, apple cheddar cheese. Umm lovely my kinda breakie!

I found the outdoor store MET, it is my ideal shop!  It has everything!  I was trying to find a reason why I would need to dragged an inflatable kayak around in a cycle trailer.  Surprising common sense prevailed and I kept the credit card in its holster, now if you know me let me repeat that….. I demonstrated normal behaviour, common sense, crazy!

I bought my sleeping bag about £100 for a duck down, less that 1kg and volume size of 5L.  You got a bag with it but it did not compress it so I had to buy a compression sack as well.  All the cycling stuff was amazingly cheap and could of got well and truly kitted out to look like Darran Jugroop on my bike 🙂

He fixed my bend rotor for 10 dollars and I went up to Stanley Park had a ride around the trails.  It is a lovely park saw a few signs saying ‘Rabies Alert’ got to watch out for those darn Racoons.  Got me thinking though, were I meant to have shots before coming here?  

Then I felt like I wanted a beer.  Only the one.  I wanted a nice water front bistro type of place and I asked people for that requirement.  They directed me to this street that was like Blackpool, no thanks.  I gave it a miss and headed off back to the hotel.  Whilst on the water front I saw a restaurant and people were sat out having a beer.  So just like last year in France it is the restaurants where it all happens.

The one pint turned into more, but you get served a pint of water for every pint of beer, I like that idea.  Whilst I was sat outside I saw lots of cyclists.  I need to get used to this tipping thing over here.  When I was sat at the bar the waitress who was very beautiful said those words every single bloke wants to hear.  “I get off in ten minutes so” ………………. shit I thought what do I do?  We have been nicely chatting, but I did not know it had come to this, did I read it wrong?  But then came the put down …………. “So do you want me to transfer your tab?”  I did not understand this transfer the tab, but it is all down to their tips.  I should of cleared my bill, given her a tip and then started a new tab, or thats what I think I should of done.  But I did not, I said “Yes transfer it please”. To be given a weird look, it was at that point that I realised I should of done the other.  Or just given her a tip, but I did not have any hard cash on me.  All a learning curve!

There is a big cycle scene happening over here.  A group turned up that had to wear an item of bright clothing to be in their gang, they were a group of drinking cyclists, they just stick to the cycle trails.  That is a group for Robbo and Jeerve and the way today is panning out ME.

I left the bar and on the way back I got a view of the mountains with some attractive cloud cover.  I needed picture so I went chasing them.  Got my pictures, but on the way I found the kind of bar I was after, so I popped in and had a couple more.  I was riding back on a trail so everything was safe. 

I got back to the hotel, dumped my stuff and went to the food place next door for my tea.  

Realisations Of The Day

  1. This city love their dogs, they are walking them everywhere
  2. The bigger the guy the smaller the dog
  3. I love this city it is really cool
  4. Once you are sat somewhere looking at the view, doing as you please.  Trust me it all becomes very clear.  I love cycle touring and if you are interested you need to jump on board the touring train!  It is a really cool experience not having any plans just the open road to chew on!  
So tomorrow I set off.  Looking forward to it now.  Today was just what I needed to get used to the roads.  

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