Canada to Mexico Day 4: Bellingham to Port Casey

Miles Today = 69
Total Miles = 149

I am currently in a cafe at my final point for today.  I am listening to Duran Duran, Def Leopard, You spin me right round, on the radio, this has been a day.  The best I can think of.  WOW!  Today I am in love.  This is why I do this.  I got up had a beautiful breakfast and set off.  Had a nice chat with a couple of folk over breakfast.  As you can see from the photos it has been stunning all day.  It might look like I have been round the same bit of water but I am on a narrow strip and tomorrow I get a ferry over to Port Townsend.  I am stopping in my tent tonight at a State Biker and Hiker Site.  Has all what you need shower wise and it is only 12 dollars, SIX QUID!!!!

On my way round today I met a lovely bloke in a coffee shop called Mario.  His ears pricked up when he heard my Yorkshire accent.  He was/is from Manchester.  He has lived in the USA for five years, he started in New York met a girl got married had a couple of kids and set up on the West Coast he said the life style is just amazing, and don’t I know it.  They are so healthy down this West Coast.  Exercise and good food is all around you.  Mario said I must have a tough arse.  I said “Too True”!

I found this campsite by asking a lovely lady for directions in the travel information place in Coupeville.  When I got to the site there were two lovely ladies on reception that showed me where to get some food and told me about the ferry tomorrow.  

There is nothing more to say about today really.  It has just been one of those days that comes around and blows your mind.  THIS HAS BEEN THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!

The people are beautiful friendly and helpful and the images I have seen today are just taking my breath away.  

I have just eaten a Caesar Salad and just spoilt my being good with a double scoop ice cream.  Damn Terrance Trent Darby has just come on the radio!  This is good, made me contemplate a beer as well.  Might buy two to take back to the tent.

I know some of you have been asking for video.  I have taken loads of footage, but that all needs editing.  I take my video seriously so that will have to wait until I have some time, SORRY!  All the images of today are below.  

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