Day 3: Canada to Mexico

Miles Today = 64
Total Miles = 80

Well got up early feeling a bit rough from my beer session the evening before but just had to get up and get on with it.

I packed my stuff and loaded Lucile.  This was the first time I put all my stuff on her and she weighs a ton.  A lot more than what she weighed in France.  The problem is I have not brought hardly any clothing items, but I have brought the laptop, additional cameras and all the leads.  The bike is not that bad without that stuff each pannier is very light.  But get the rucksack across the top with the expensive gear in and it is shocking.  When I just put the pack on my back it weighs we down.  It is that heavy I would not even go walking with it on my back.  So next tour I have a few ideas to help this situation.

  • Idea Number 1:  Get one of those BOB trailers.  If I have the cash left at the end of the trip I might get one over here and bring it back cause they are about 200 notes cheaper.
  • Idea Number 2:  Don’t bring a laptop instead bring a iPad or a macbook air.  And maybe one less camera.
  • Get some different forks that allow you to have panniers on the front wheel as well to help distribute the weight. 

I think I like the trailer idea the best as when I get somewhere I can simply unhook and blast around, but then there is the problem of moving it in small places and getting through doors etc.  More thinking might be required.  

Anyway it was raining this morning when I set off and I have my fancy Pacific Coast top on.  Think I wont where this one again until the sun is shining.

I thought I was going to be in Canada for a few days, shows how much attention I pay to my own planning 🙂  but the USA boarder crept up on me and took me into Blaine.  The guy on the border was a bit of a tool.  Asking loads of questions how long have I taken to plan it?  Why am I doing it on my own?  etc.  I know this sounds like he was being friendly but he was asking in that way, but I suppose he has a job to do. But if I wanted to illegally get lost in his country I would have found an easier way.

Once I was nearly at Bellingham, about 30 miles away I just wanted to do an experiment to see how much longer the scenic way following the Adventure Cycling Maps would be over the bike friendly suggestions from the Garmin.  Basically what would have taken 20 miles direct took about 30-35 miles following the maps.  Glad I did though and I am going to follow them the best I can because they take you through some beautiful areas.  I am sure after looking at peoples blogs they set off with good intentions but then get fed up of looking at the maps the whole time and just end up going a direct way.  I am here to see the beauty so will stick to them.  

In the UK I ride with unpadded lycra, but I bought some new lycra for the trip with padding.  I always think it is going to be more comfortable but all it does if give me numb nuts.  

I did have to ask directions a few times but it was not too much trouble.  I am going to plan my routes each night though to take me straight to some digs because this is a night when I don’t have a planned.  So I went in to Starbucks to sort one out.  For some reason it won’t connect to the wifi, even though it is open.  So I asked people for accommodations recommendations and they where all very unhelpful.  I used the Garmin and there are a few campsites but it would mean riding for another 15 miles and I have had it for today.  So from now on plan to get to a campsite or a the night before.  So that will be my job once I have finished here.

Tomorrow I ride from Bellingham to Oak Harbor  where I believe I have a warmshower.Org planned.  Should be interesting 🙂

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