Canada to Mexico Day 5

Miles Today = 55
Total Miles = 204

In the tent last night I was having some strange dreams, like there was a bear or tiger ready to kick me ass, nothing to worry about.  It was most probably a rabbit, when I woke up in the morning they were everywhere.  

One thing I hate, cause I like looking after my stuff, is putting away my gear when it is wet. But I had to put my tent away covered in due.

I got the ferry from Fort Casey to Port Townsend and it was £1.50 pounds in our money.  It felt good the first few miles.  But the weather did come in and that was predicted so I did not care.  Just get your jacket on and bite it up boy!  The weather from now on is meant to be cool.

I was meant to stop at a warm shower last night but it was my fault because I was not dialling the access code for the USA, but I needed to dial it cause my UK SIM bounces from home.  Once I realised the problem I sorted it and got in touch with Liz in Seattle.  She has been amazing, given me a room and a map and a shower, really really cool.  Given me a key and just said do as you please!!!  I walked in to Seattle and the first thing a lady said to me just walking down the street was “nice legs”.  Gotta get these boys out some more :).

So I went on a stroll.  Went up to the place called Capital Hill,  loads of cool bars and places to eat. Did both.

People keep on telling me how beautiful it is going to be later on and I am like how can it be better that this!!!

Seattle is a beautiful place I have seen and spoken to so many really cool people.  This trip is amazing!

Next summer I am defo doing the East Coast, if your in, just let me know, I already have the cycling top for it 🙂 🙂

BTW the beer here is double the strength of that in the UK.  They know how to brew, the micro brewer thing over on the West Coast is massive!

I have seen snow capped mountains that I could grab!! That don’t even show up on a compact, it is crazy!!!

BTW the day started of sunny when I got the first ferry, they on the one to Seattle it was raining and cold, But boy was it worth it!!!!

Lucile is the best bike you could every wish for on a trip like like this, she does not bat an eyelid!!

I stopped the garmin whenever I got a ferry so these are cycling miles.  I get the ferry back to my starting tomorrow cause I am doing the adventure route.  End of!  no short cuts!

Oh yeh guess what!  the first guy I met was called Frasier   The only other thing I need to make it really crazy would be to be admitted in to Seattle Grace with Mc Dreamy.

Oh yeh, I have seen a snake…… and a squirrel 🙂

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