Day 28: Canada to Mexico

Day 28:  Canada to Mexico

Pacific Valley to San Simion
40 Miles
3000ft Accent

This morning our host treated us to waffles, maple syrup and ice cream.  He gave me one of his forest fire service t shirts as a reminder of the trip and he also gave me a letter that a traveller passed on to him.  Everyone that goes by his spot he gives them a copy.  The letter should be the blueprint for life and I am sure the world would be a better place and people would live a fuller life.  I am not going to preach so if you are interested in what the letter said, just contact me through whatever media you wish and I will send you an image of it.  I love this community of people just helping each other out, this is what life should be like, it really helps to make some good solid friendships.

We had our pictures taken and started the day.  We knew today was going to be a bit shorter because we did a little bit more than expected yesterday because the host lived a little passed the state campsite that we would have used.  

We are at the beach again, the tents in arms reach of the sand.  We had a really good cycling day again.  I know how to pace myself now for a tour, if you can’t sing up a hill you are going too fast.  That does not mean go slow, it means you have to get fit enough so you can sing and a reasonable speed. 

The scenery today was spectacular as ever, it was hot from the off.  No sea fog this morning.  I have about 250 miles till I reach LA.  About 500 miles in total.  There really is a feeling of relaxing a bit more now and hopefully a bit more partying to be done.

Everyone keeps telling us about the fun we are going to have at LA, Malibu Beach, Huntington Beach, Santa Barbara.  Also down at San Diego on Pacific Beach.  They keep on telling us to use our accent and we are sure to have fun.  Hopefully we can find a good base for a couple of nights and let our hair down.  A few days to go though before we get to that.

I have hundreds of images of today, but the wifi will only allow me to upload a few today.

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