Day 29: Canada to Mexico

Day 29:  Canada to Mexico

San Simeon to Oceano

56 miles / 2000ft Accent

Last night was really good, I forgot to tell you about the four french girls we met on the road the day before.  We were cycling to Murdocks the warm shower host and about four miles from his house we saw in the distance four bikes, four girls and they were all wearing the same t shirts.  I had to take another drink of water because I thought I was dehydrated, I thought it was a mirage.  Then as we rode up to them to say “hi”, guess what they beautiful french accent came out of their mouths.  Eugene and Gabyrel were talking to them so I knew it was not my imagination and they were real.  How cool, four girls just deciding to do something different jump on some bikes and ride a little bit of the West Coast for their holidays.

Anyway the night before last they came to the same campsite and we had a few beers and a bit of a singalong.  So all day today we were bumping into them on the road and we talked them into doing more miles than they normally would to be at the same campsite last night.  They did really well and made the full 56 miles.  We got some fire wood and a few beers and put some music on.  The miles did take a toll on them and they retired to bed quite early, well I am using that as the excuse and not the fact that they have had enough of us now and are completely bored.  They are also taking a rest day here in Oceano.  They are then going to get a bus to bypass this hilly stage today and meet us in Malibu for the beach party with David and Maddie.

On the bikes the four of us have become one rolling entity it feels really good when that wind is on your back.  Also our rolling community is growing bigger and bigger.  I cannot understate the amount of people that give you a beep, or a shout out from a car to big you up.  The people you meet on the street are just really nice and keep on spurring you on.  Obviously, their are the people that think bikes should not be on the road, but they are a minority and what I have come to realise is that the people that do not want bikes on the road are really un-cool and I would not want to be them, their friend or have their lifestyle and the people that are bigging us up all the time are really cool dudes and dudettes so times are good!!!!!   


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