Canada to Mexico Day 38 FINAL

This morning we awoke at Julie’s our warm showers host and it was an easy start because we had no tents to pack away, no breakfast to make etc.  Julie took us to a place down on the beach for breakfast and I finally saw the lads struggle with some food.  They had an egg burrito for breakie and Julie says they put about eight eggs in each one!

I had a normal sized meal, or so I thought because Julie’s came out first and she ordered a small, it was huge.  

After food Julie took us to the pier and gave us a run down or where certain stuff was, again a wonderful host and a really interesting person.  Thank you so much for your help Julie, you are always welcome at a little spot called Halifax, if you fancy leaving the sun, surf, food behind 🙂

The lads followed me for a while on their bikes before they took off to box Gab’s bike up while I continued further to Mexico.

That’s it complete. Got to the border at lunchtime today. Need to get the picture off my camera. Bit of an anti climax it was like riding into Dover and expecting a brass band to be playing. The route was lovely as you will see from the pictures. It is always amazing how a shuffle playlist always picks the right tracks. As I was approaching I had Monty Python, always look on the bright side if life and Pete Doherty for lovers. Going to get ready and have a big night with Eugene tonight, after we have had a nice meal with Gab of course! Before he catches his plane.

I am so looking forward to getting my video footage edited with some cool music to set the tone.

Thanks to all the people that fainted an interest in my little trip. I am desperately planning the next one in my mind at the mo. I know convention suits most people but for some reason it just does not do it for me I think that is why I did not do my blog for a few days in San Fran, I got a bit depressed cause you just gotta keep on moving and making progress.

Italy next and the via faratas that I got told about at year 9 camp. Or maybe Norway in the summer this time, or maybe the east coast, or maybe Colorado, or maybe kayak the Amazon or maybe………….. 

After I got back from the border I met up with Gab and Eugene and we went for some food before we went to the bike shop to pick up his boxed bike and he was then going to get a taxi to the airport.

We and Eugene then had to get to the hotel which is about seven miles away.  It was very scary on the main roads when it was getting a bit darker and I was quite worried, but we managed, after asking, to find a bike path that took us straight to the hotel.

I am now watching Gravity, whilst eating as many cookies as possible.  The diet starts on the 28th or 29th…. I have not decided yet!  🙂

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