Family Cycle Club Preview Ride for Longdendale Trail on the 15th Jan

Today we did a recce ride for the FCC on Sunday 15th January at 1400.

Getting There
We went right over the tops through Slaithwaite etc and up over Holme Moss which might be the best way if you are coming from the Halifax area.  From Halifax it is about 25 miles / 1 hour.

When you get up and over Holme Moss at the junction at the bottom of the hill turn left towards Sheffield.  Follow this road for a couple of mile and the carpark is a right turning once the road centre marking turns from a solid white line to a broken white line.

The link to the google map is here.

Route Description
This is not a loop, it is a there and back ride.  The total length of the ride is 8.2 mile. After 3.1 miles (out) 6.2 miles (back) we go past a carpark where you can find a toilet should you need to stop.  It took us about 40 minutes to do the 4.1 miles to do the first half, I would image this will be about an hour with little ones.  When we get to our one way distance (half way) there is a main road to cross and we are hoping to offer a cup of tea/coffee and sweet snacks.  Parents should take care with their children when crossing this road.  Then it is just a case of riding the 4.1 miles back to the carpark we started from.  Just as a point of interest the trail follows an old railway line and we ride through what was an old station platform and you can see an old railway tunnel that cuts through the hill and would bring you out in Sheffield if you were permitted to use it.

A video to describe the carpark is here.

The condition of the path is similar to if you were to cycle around Ogden.  It is quite boggy/sandy and for little legs this could be quite tiring.  The path is quite flat but there are some gradients to take you up over and across some roads etc to rejoin the path.  A video here that I filmed to show the path.  The images below will also help show preview the route.

Images of the carpark so you know if you are in the right place.

Images of trail condition

Images of gradients

Images of the views on offer.  Even better without the fog!

This is the road we will need to cross to get to our tea and sweet delights

Some Guidance Advice
  1. Getting there is going to take about an hour, so allow enough time to get there for 1400.
  2. Use the google map link above and your phone/sat nav should give you a better idea on where the carpark is located.
  3. The path is flat but does have some gradients that are shallow and short.
  4. The path is very sandy so be prepared for lots of grating and grinding noises coming from your bikes and spray on your clothes.
  5. The weather Wednesday-Friday next week is forecast to be horrible, but Saturday and Sunday are meant to be nice and sunny.  But it will be cold, make sure you and your young uns are well wrapped up in layers.  If you are used to cycling fast to get warmed up that is not going to happen so make sure you are nice and cosy so you wont mind the slower pace to take in the views.
  6. Halfway round to mark the turning point we are hoping to offer you some tea/coffee/sweets from our van but feel free to bring as much food/drink and bribery food you think your family needs 🙂
See you on Sunday 15th January at 1400.

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