North Halifax Grammar School Coast to Coast II


Just had the last meeting up at Craggies with the parents of students that are riding the Coast 2 Coast in aid of their school.


The support is unbelievable.  These parents have been kitting their kids out with panniers and racks etc.  So they can ride the C2C route, but they have also been busy fund raising as well.  Thank you so much!

Just to provide answers to a few questions that were raised in the meetings:

When you drop your kids off on the Sunday make sure they have food for their tea that evening and their breakfast the following day.  They will have access to a single burner stove so anything that can be heated up will be fine.  Also, staff will have extra food items in case they make the wrong food selection. No one will go hungry!

Each afternoon we will stop and buy things for our tea that evening and our breakfast the following morning, so they don’t need to carry loads of food.  Also staff members will provide guidance in the shop about what is nutritious and what they can easily cook on a single burner.  Students will need about £10 – £15 each day to buy tea, breakfast, energy and lunch.

If students are using a water bottle and pack wisely each day (keeping waterproofs, energy food etc to the top of their panniers) they do not need a day pack. If students are using a hydration pack, they could use this bag for small, light items, but you may want to keep daily items in your panniers also.

Finally, meeting you has been lovely.  I am looking forward to the ride and we are all going to have a really amazing time!!!!

See you on the 9th July in St Bee’s!

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