Cycle Budda Life Ep2

After the high winds and freezing temperatures of last week we had a bit of a mixture of weather this week as you can see from the pictures.

My Surly commuter bike needed some work and was not rideable because of the amount of salt that had gone down on the roads.  It had stiffened up the cables and it was not changing gear.  I do try to give the bikes a swill down after a commute but it is sometimes a bit difficult.  The bolt on the Rohloff cable guide had snapped so that is with keep pedalling in Manchester getting some TLC.  If you are after a really nice bike for touring, commuting, adventure and messing about in the mud and snow these guys have a good selection and sound advice.
As the Surly was not playing out I had to use the carbon Tarmac and when it was snowing I thought it might be a bit of trouble, but it just rode as normal.  Whilst or the cars were slipping and sliding around my 23mm slicks just rode straight on by without a single worrying moment.  Just makes you think that people pay thousands of pounds on 4×4 cars just to have the same snow capability of a £500 bicycle.  Strange World!got a
Project Bike
I have a Cannodale CADDX that had got a bit scruffy from riding back from Spain and a few Coast 2 Coast rides so it got a new paint job and it is coming on.  Purple frame.  SOMA Sparrow bars and Brooks saddle.  It is going look really good when complete.  The bars came this week.  £34 off eBay.

Coast to Coast
I have arranged for forty two students to ride the coast to coast from Morecambe to Bridlington.  They are carrying their own gear and cooling their own food.  They are raising money for their school.  Last year and the year before they rasied over 10k each ride.  That is a massive amount of money for a bike ride to raise but we would love to do better this year.  If you would like to donate please click on this link.
Here to Help
I may be able to assist you in the following ways:

  1. You want to dust off your old bike and commute to work but want to build up some confidence.
  2. You would like a guided tour around Calderdale/Yorkshire.
  3. You want help setting up a local cycle club.
  4. You want to set up and host a cycle fund raising activities/event.

e-mail me at and we can talk about your cycling requirements.  No harm in asking to see what we can do!

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