River Danube Tour Day 4: Thanks a Lotte!

This was always going to be a tough day.  We knew it was going to be hot, but we also knew that we had to make up a stage after going one behind on the first day having gone over the 1100m mountain from Triberg.
The terrain was getting less lumping but the shade was getting few and far between.  We were on exposed field roads for the most part and you have nowhere to run when the going is getting just a little but too sweaty.  On the Garmin GPS unit that I use the temp in the shade was 36 degrees but in the sun it was showing 43-46 degress and there was no let up.
We took the opportunity to wet our heads in the river when there was a banking that would let us get down down.  At one location we took our tops off soaked them in the river and jumped on the bikes again before they dried out.  The river was teaming with little fish, hundreds of them!

On this stretch we have seen the usual amount of Herons, but we have been introduced to large Storks wandering through fields.  The other birds we have seen have been large Kites that circle overhead and cast large shadows over you like a scene from a Jurassic film.
The tourist highlight for today was the Bautopf cave system.  It is massive and surfaces with what I have been calling the blue lagoon.  Crazy to think that there is no base to the lagoon and it just continues in to a massive cave system.
Our host for this evening has been Lotte.  I got in touch through the bike hosting site Warm Showers http://www.warmshowers.org.  Basically, if you are a cycle touring, fellow cycle tourers will put you up and try to help you out as much as possible on your trip.  I used the site for the first time when riding from Canada to Mexico four years ago.  Lotte met us at her house and let us use the shower and get ourselves feeling human again.  She made us a beautiful tea of pasta with a an amazing creamy veg sauce with scrummy bread.  Her generosity has been amazing, she is showing us a shop tomorrow that will hopefully sell GAS!  Lotte has been to many places on her bike and she is a huge inspiration for just getting out there and living life how you should, wild and free! Forget the holiday reps trying to sell you a package of fake adventure. See the bits the reps don’t even know about have a bit of fear as that is what makes us who we are WILD ANIMALS 🙂

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