River Danube Tour Day 12. A big one.

Did not sleep in the city campsite last night, it was one the beautiful town, Grein, but it was right next to a busy road and trucks were going past all night. Also there was a Scout group cycling the route and their staff do not inform the kids how to behave in a campsite and how to respect the paying public so they were screaming and chatting until the early hours. That would not be going on a cyclebudda/NHGS coast to coast. Ours kids would of been perfect!

As we did not sleep we just got up and dismantled camp in about 10 mins. Up and out of there. The place is stunning though. We went to the bakery for breakfast, SPAR store for lunch stuff and the bike shop for oil. All before 0730!

The plan was to do a day and half worth of riding to make up the one day we are behind schedule, we nearly did it by 10km. So I will class that as having done it!!

We were expecting to be at a camp after 102km but the campsite was not there so we had to keep riding on. We did 120km, Rachaels first KM century and just 40km short of a century for the 100 miles too.

It has still been too crazy hot. 36-38 degrees.  As we were going through the hills there were vineyards and orchards everywhere. I have never seen so many different types of fruits been grown in such quantities. Even on the road side, you only need to travel 100m and you would of gone past several plum, apple and pear trees.

Because of the heat I think it is fair to say I am addicted to Coke, I can not go past a store or cafe without getting a bottle to quench my thirst and replace some sugar. If I have put on weight on on this tour. That will be the culprit!
Todays route was Grein, Melk, Krems and we are just 10km short of Tulln. Every town and village was just fairy tale. The buildings around here are very decorative. We got to a beautiful campsite in a sports complex/park type place. It is small and quiet. Perfect.

We made tea. Pasta, pesto, tinned veg and cheese, also perfect. I did have to go on a Coke hunt and not far from camp was a takeaway. Success! Now I have stopped going cold turkey. I need to get an addiction to cold water, it is cheaper!

Last night there were two storms from different directions they missed us again! Every night we have heard them in the distance but we have been lucky. Last night’s sounded vicious and close and I was sure we were going to get drenched. The thunder sounded nasty and each roar went in for ages. If it was right above us I think I would of been bricking it. But as I say, lucky again!

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Vienna tomorrow! And also the border into Slovakia. Bratislava if not tomorrow, then defo the day after!

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