Student Coast to Coast Ride C2C4

C2C4 = Coast to Coast number 4

30th June 2019 – 6th July 2019

Every year for the last three years up to forty-five students have ridden coast to coast to raise money for their school.

The crew lining up in St Bees

The first time the Way of the Roses route was ridden we were finding our feet and twenty-eight students took part.  The students did not need to carry anything other than a day pack and the staff did the cooking when we got to camp each evening and also did a cooked breakfast each morning.   The students did show amazing resourcefulness and resilience when we were at first evenings camp and it was completely flooded.  We all worked together and moved drenched tents.  The students did not complain and we still had to make the evening meal up to our shins in water.  Good times J The students raised over £10,000 for the school sports hall by getting sponsorship money of at least £200 to take part in the trip.

On the second trip we wanted to step up the challenge and give them a proper taste of cycle touring.  So the thirty-six students carried their own gear in panniers and cooked their own meals on single burner stoves.  We also wanted a change of scenery so we did a different coast to coast route from St Bee’s to Tynemouth.  The students did a marvellous job, not only with the cycling, but also with the cooking.  They were cooking up a whole host of beautiful dishes, some staff were jealous as all they had was pasta and sauce every night.  As with the first trip over £10,000 was raised for the school.

The group doing their own cooking. Looking good after a day of riding!

The third trip took us back to the Way of the Roses.  The challenge this time was the forty-five students on the road.  Fully loaded with their gear and again cooking their own meals.  As you can imagine with that many people on the road concentration and focus is required at all times.  The team demonstrated care for their peers and carried the responsibility of getting the job done.  As with all the trips the great elation and celebration you feel when you see the parents at the finish line all brimming with pride at their deserving children is magical.

The stone circle. One of the attractions on route. Castlerigg
Crossing another county border!

Now we are about to take part in our fourth trip.  To answer your question, yes we are stepping up the challenge once more.  We are going back to the Way of the Roses route.  This time for timetable and logistical reasons we need to do it backwards from Bridlington to Morecambe.  This will mean we could have a head wind and also the climb out of Pateley Bridge to Settle is going to be tough.  But we did not want to stop there!  On the penultimate day we are also going to fit in the Three Peaks walk.  Yes! You did read correctly, the students are going to ride coast to coast and also walk Pen y Ghent, Whernside and Ingleborough in the same trip for the same cause, their school.  The students as always will be carrying their own gear and cooking their own food.  This is going to take a massive effort and the students are going to need to have strength and commitment to be successful.  Please show your admiration and support by donating on this Parent Association Money Giving link

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