Hadrians Wall: Day 2

We got up at about half 8. Got ready and went down for a beautiful veggie breakfast. Completely full we turned the wheels on a sunny start. The route was quite flat and went along some coastal single track. The sand was deep in places but nothing to trouble you, just a nice easy gear to pedal through.The first main town we stopped at was Whitehaven where we had a coffee. It was starting to get a bit overcast at this point and the temperature fell to the point where my fingers and toes felt a little numb.The middle part of the ride was a but urban, still on the coast but just had a different feel. We stopped at Maryport for a another coffee and after this the ride felt more like countryside again. We got to a turning where we could follow the official route or continue on a more direct route that had been closed to traffic. We felt it might be nicer riding on a closed road than the diverted traffic going the C2C way so we hoisted our bikes over the barriers. No work was happening as it is Sunday so it was a very blissful finish into Silloth.We did forty nine miles exactly to the point. We are checked in Golf Hotel and just reading the menu to get some scran down.

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