Hadrians Wall: Day 3

So day 3 of our little cycle trip started with poached eggs on toast. We opted for that over the full veggie English breakfast as we were completely stuffed still from the night before. Our evening meal the previous night consisted of starters,main and pudding as did the night before that. I can feel the pants getting a little bit tighter each night. We were good last night with the drinks though and we did not have a beer or wine, just tonic water and tea. When you have been out in the fresh air all day though you can’t help but feel like you deserve some extra calories, but it is just a reason to justify being greedy. So to try and remedy that this morning we opted for poached eggs on toast. I can’t see three eggs each and four slices of toast helping the pant situation much.

When we set off it was very breezy but the road zigzag direction so it was not too bad, we also had hedges at the side of the road to give us a bit of a break every now and then. But about eighteen miles in we arrived at the coast with nothing to shield the wind on a very long straight road that was heading exactly east, exactly where the wind was coming from.

This was the situation for most of the day. Pedalling down hill through necessity not to go faster. Even when we got into Carlisle where I thought we would have some shelter from the wind we just had to keep on plodding along.

We stopped in Carlisle in a cafe for a cheese toastie and a latte. We had a look at the forecast for the wind and over the next few days it looks like it is still coming from the east so it will still be in our faces but it does not look like it will be anywhere near as strong as today.

We had a look at where we could stay if we continue just a little further and on the map we saw the Queens pub in the town of Warwick on Eden. As soon as we hit the long straight eighteen miles in with the head wind we knew today was going to be shorter than yesterday. We got to the pub on mile thirty five so not too bad.

When we got here I asked about bicycle storage and he said I could chain them outside or thankfully he said you could take them to your room, but it would be a squeeze, the room it is then. I don’t mind if they have to get in bed with us, they are not stopping outside!

It is a shame about the wind because it has been a beautiful day, with the blue sky and sunshine, but we have done our bit.

Now I don’t know if this is wrong or right, acceptable or unnecessary but I do feel like a pale ale before tea!

Keep well and we will speak tomorrow.

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