Finland: In Lakeland

This morning we got up at 0600 and we were off site by 0645. So we could get out of the city before it got hot. The Metro was easy to jump on with the super versatile Bromptons. They are super strong bikes, I can hardly lift the bag on the back and the one on the front requires two hands. They are rite little working mules.

We got to Mikkeli at about lunchtime. Mikkeli is not too far in to the Lakeland area. It would be a two hour ish journey by car, it is about 250 miles from Helsinki.

We have found a camping cottage. Very basic it has two bunk beds and a fridge, but a lovely porch to sit outside, chill and cook on our camping stove.

We got to the site quite early so we waited for the hut to become available by chilling in the lake. It is so peaceful we are stopping here till the 27th. From there I have hopefully arrange a three day canoe and kayak tour. Wild camp sites are highlighted on the map the give us so that should be good. On the 27th we ride down to Anttoa which will take us the best part of the day as this is Eva’s first time riding her own bike we are taking it steady. When we get the the kayak place they have a free wild hut we can stop in overnight so we can start our water tour early in the morning on the 28th.

There is a very small scale waterpark near this site so tomorrow Eva will have a day down some slides.

After we have done the wild camping canoe tour the plan is to travel the 300 miles to the Turku Archipelago and do the short loop (78 miles) around the little islands. That should then leave us around eight to ten days to cycle back to Helsinki for the 17th of August so we can get organised, pack the bikes back up ready for our flight back on the 19th of August. I am sure there will be many a beautiful thing to see and discover before then though.

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