Finland: Campsite Day

We had a lazy morning and the plan was to have a day on the site so Eva could take advantage of the “waterpark”. This is a different image of Finland you will not see from the tourist board or in magazines. The waterpark side of the site had the souvenir shop. The fast food outlet that served burgers, hot dogs, coke and fries. The single use plastic forks, I know they are single use cause I have swallowed a prong when it came apart in my mouth. Might be painful in a day or so. I am doing it a disservice in my write up, yes it had all the tacky crap you try to get away from, but it was very chilled out. So you could relax and chill by the pool. But I have to say, environmentally I have not seen much difference from what we are trying to do in the UK at the moment. But we have only been to the city and a campsite two hours away from the city. I am sure it will change when we get wild camping on our kayaks tomorrow.

It was a good day though, some pool and slide stuff going on. We are now back at our little cabin just waiting to prepare our noodles and corn on the cob for tea.

From what we have experienced so far even the commercial campsites are very quiet and in beautiful locations.

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