Finland: Sauna In The Wild Woods

This morning Wasi our kayak rental arrived at 0900 at his wild hut as promised. He sorted us out with route advice and equipment.

None of us have done any kayaking of note before so this was all new and we listened intently.

He told us a route to an island that has wild toilets and a suana in the woods. The Fins love their sauna so they even need them when they are wild camping. When on the water there was a strong wind creating large waves and it was hard going. Wasi had plotted a 6km route for our first day which would normally be fine but with the wind and waves we were nearly going backwards as much as forwards.

We had to make a decision and although we would not make it to an official wild camp site we did spot a bit of a beach where we thought we could camp. After setting up the tent a guy from a house about 100m away came on his rowing boat. He said it was fine to camp there but he did not mind towing us on his speed boat to the area we intend to go as there would be no wind or waves and we could also get to experience a wild wood sauna on an island of our own. So we took his advice and generosity.

We got to the island and set up camp. Noodles for tea

And then what turned out to be the main event, another reason to get naked in the wild. It wont come as no surprise to the people that know me, but I do love to be all at one with nature in my birthday suit. From the sauna is a well made jetty that you can run down jump in the water or just sit and admire the view.

This is an amazing area and this island site we have found is in the perfect location right on the shore front of Saimaa Lake. It is perfect. The toilets are dry, you just sprinkle a bit of straw on your business and there is a cooking grill area and the wild sauna and we have the whole island to ourselves.

It was really hard going today in the boat. But tomorrow we head in a different direction with the wind behind us so hopefully the time if the boat will not be as demanding.

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