Finland: The Adventure Begins

Today we headed off on our bikes proper. We had a 16 mile day in 30 degree heat on some of the most gorgeous gravel roads I have been on. These were genuinely the best roads I have toured on, rolling hills, beautiful trees, it was ace.We deviated from the road to find a spot to cool off in a lake but it came to some private property. It was a gorgeous little track though.We went a bit further down the track and saw a sign that looked like a dude floating in water. Hey presto, we stumbled upon one of the public huts you can stop in for free, a bit like a bothy up in Scotland. It had a gorgeous bit of decking onto th ed lake, a dry toilet and a wood store. We took our bikes down and jumped in the lake.We came to the end of the gravel track and had to do a bit on a busy road. Eva took this in a stride with maturity and confidence. When we finally got to Anttola, there was a bar and Racheal got hounded by a very drunk group of guys, they were very friendly and pleased to have us in Finland. They told Eva that these are the things she will remember forever! They could not be more right. She might not enjoy most of it, but when she is older she will be so glad that she did it and will be a stronger person for going it. We had a couple of beers with the guys and then got a halloumi burger and fries. Eva had a cheese burger.Later a band started to play a mixture of stuff from Dire Straits and the Beatles, they were really cool.After our food we went to find the base camp of our kayaking. They have a hut that we can stop in overnight free of charge so we are ready to set off early in the morning. You can also stop in the hut at the end of the tour too. It sleeps eight but we are the only ones here tonight. There is no one to great you. Just a sign on the door that says welcome and we will meet in the morning.It is basic but amazing right by the lake. It has a dry toilet. We had to have a wash in the lake which I took full advantage of being an introverted extrovert.I went to the supermarket to get some supplies for our self guide three day kayak tour. When I got back we packed up three barrels ready for the two person canoe and the one person kayak. I cant believe we can just make ourselves at home. Where would you get a business like that in the UK. Vasi is meeting us here at 0900 in the morning ready to show how us how to paddle off.

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