Finland: Remote Beauty

We woke at 0700 this morning to get the bus to one of the bigger islands, from there we would cycle to Mossala. A little island that is less than two miles long. The bus also takes parcels and supplies on and off the islands.

I have cycled in some amazing places on my bike tours. The west coast of America, the Alps. I have done most of the big mountains in France and I did five of them in one day! Some crazy amazing places in Vermont. The roads on these islands are just as spectacular, for different reasons. No cars, smooth tarmac, then gravel tracks. The smell of pine never leaves you. It is gorgeous with small islands when you look left or right.

We had to get on a few ferries and they were free as they are paid for by the government. So you just ride up and ride off without speaking to a single worker, it is such a smooth system!

We were cycling along, then our lodgings came into view. I was impressed. We have a cabin with a sea view for 50 euros a night. The cabin has it’s own beach. We went to see the observation tower which is 40 meters above sea level and around here that means you can see most things.

There is one shop about an hour and half away which I will need to get supplies but there is a restaurant/bar 100m from the cabin.

We used the restaurant for a meal this evening, a few beers and a couple of glasses of red.

The forecast for the next seven days is pretty much like today so we should be good for some walking and water activities.

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