Finland: The Next Stage

We moved from Lake Saimaa where we did the kayaking and canoeing back to Mikkeli. We stopped in a hotel which had a swimming pool and sauna so we took advantage of that.

Today we got two buses to move 300 miles to Turku. We are in another hotel tonight, but tomorrow we move to Mossala.

Image from Picdeer

One of the 40,000 islands that make up the Finnish Archipelago. It looks amazing. It is going to blow our minds riding across all these little islands and getting lots and lots of ferries just to get there. There is one shop one to get food one and a half hours away. The route to the shop needs about six ferries in each direction. That will be my job in the morning to get supplies. Apparently some of the ferries are so small you need to bang a bell to wake the boat driver as he could be sleeping on the opposite side.

The map of the island shows a spot where you can see the sunset and the sunrise. A good place for yoga. They camping also offers kayaking, stand up paddling, kite surfing, wind surfing and sailing. There is a beach that we will near enough have to ourselves and it also has a sauna by the jetty for running out and straight into the sea.

Map of camping

Apparently the sea water is only 0.5% saline compared to what you normally find 3-5% saline so it is nice to swim in and you can even cook with it!

So at the moment we are in Turku and it is a nice city, lots of bars and restaurants by the river, and lots of cycling. From the little bit I have seen on the two cities I prefer it to Helsinki.

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