Finland: Island Life

We arrive on the island of Mossala via several bridges and a number of ferries. When we got off the last ferry it was about a 1.5 mile ride to the opposite end of the island to where we had booked a basic cabin.

The cabin has electricity and running cold water. We used a shared toilet and shower area. We can wash up etc by heating water on the stove. This is luxury compared to the wild camp when we were kayaking in the lake area of Anttola.

As stated we are at the opposite end of the island so we are actually by the next ferry that will take us further around the Archipelago Trail. But first we have planned to chill for a bit and stop here seven nights as it is nearly deserted. There is just a handful of staff here and the rest just pass through to get the ferry. It is so peaceful and quiet that some nights with the exception of some restaurant staff we have been the only people here. The island we are on just has one restaurant, nothing else. No shop. Nothing. There is a shop two island, two ferries and 7.7 miles away. We have used that twice to get some food. As I write this we have decided that I might have to make one more journey before we head off on our travels again in three days.

On this island we have had lovely weather. We have played volleyball, boules, and a lot of card games. We are going to go kayaking and paddle boarding before we leave. We have walked a couple of trails, onto the observation tower which gave amazing views of the surrounding islands.

Generally our day has been, wake up at 9ish, make breakfast, go for a stroll, have some beer, have lunch in the restaurant, do a bit of sunbathing, drink some more beer, make tea at the cabin, have a sauna, go to sleep and repeat. It has been bliss

We have taught the restaurant how to make a couple of our favourite cocktails and they have enlightened us with one that utilises orange liqueur, sparkling wine and soda.

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