Devon Family Cycling on Sustrans Traffic Free Trails

We went down to Devon for a week and took the bikes and a couple of teenagers that were not into cycling. So the Sustrans Traffic Free Cycle Rides book came out. As it claims it has ‘150 Great Days Out’.

I can highly recommend this book you can buy it on Amazon for about £12 just click here.

You can also see the routes in as video I did which is on YouTube. Click here.

The Sustrans routes include all those blue signs you see up and down the country with a red route number. The routes could be on roads, bridleways and cycle paths. What this book does is highlight parts of the routes that have a significant length that are traffic free and in beautiful locations.

Close to where we were stopping in Tavistock we had two routes that we were going to have a look at. The first was the 18 mile Tavistock to Plymouth route called the ‘Drakes Trail’. The second an 8 mile route from the village of Lydford to Okehampton called ‘The Granite Way’.

The Drakes Trail starts in the large town of Tavistock so you have a couple of miles of urban and industrial areas to get through before you get to the beauty, but it is all traffic free. The route is flat and we saw families towing trailers and children on balance bikes etc, they might not of been doing the full route but that is the advantage of these little trails, you do what you want and turn back whenever you want. Get out, get some exercise and feel energised for the rest of the day.

The second trail we did The Granite Way started in the lovely village of Lydford so there was none of the urban/industrial bit at the start. You were straight into nature. On the route there was a place to hire bikes about halfway down. You could also hire ebikes. The hire place had a little cafe. A bit further there was a cycle pub and cafe. We took a packed lunch and had our picnic on the trail. Again this route was flat and had families of all abilities and all types of bikes. The kids found a swing where we took a break and let them have a little play.

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