Snow MTB Rides In Calderdale

Over the last few weeks we seem to have had a lot of snow in Calderdale. So this meant plenty of riding. I love riding in the snow. Everything just seems so peaceful and beautiful. The tyres grip fine in the snow, that is not an issue, ice is tricky but snow is not a problem at all. In fact tyres on bicycles grip very well in snow and give loads of confidence. If you would prefer to watch videos instead of read then you could watch these three here.

Video 1 | Video 2 | Video 3

Even though we have had a lot of snow the days out riding have been quite different. For a couple of days during the first dumping of snow the skies were blue, there was no wind and it was really a pleasure to get up at 0600 in the morning to take advantage of the sunrise and the cloud inversions.

Then that snow melted away and we were gifted with another batch. But his time the wind was high and we were having wind chill temperatures in the region of six below. It was still exciting to get out on the bike though, you felt like an adventurer riding across the tundra, even though I was only a couple of miles away from home. You can clearly see a difference in the days even though they were taken in exactly the same places. I think we have had about six different dumplings of snow in thew last few weeks.

I suppose the moral of the story is try not to let the weather put you off getting outside. I could have easily looked out on to the road and thought ummm this is too cold, the road salt makes it look grim, but as soon as I was away from the road it was magical. Saying that though I am looking out the window now the snow has gone. Everything is grey, it is wet, it is windy and I am making excuses. Think I am going to suck it up and get ready for a ride as I really won’t know what kind of day it is, or what I might find if don’t make the effort. Here goes!!

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