When you come on a ride with me you can be assured that I am suitably qualified and I have a lot of experience.

  • CTC (Cycling UK) Multi Day Cycle Tour Leader
  • CTC (Cycling UK) Advanced Mountain Bike Leader

Some of the bigger rides we have planned over the last few years consist of the following.

  • Cycle touring trip around the perimeter of France.
  • Cycle touring trip from Canada to Mexico.
  • Numerous UK coast to coast rides for families.
  • Numerous Coast to coast fund raising events for schools taking between 28-48 students riding and camping.  They carried their own gear and cooked their own meals.
  • Green Mountain cycle tour in Vermont.
  • Cycle tour from Bilbao, Spain to UK with tandem, children and trailer.
  • Belgium B&B tour cycle tours around the famous cobbles.
  • Cycle between the hiking of the national three peak tour (Ben Nevis, Scafell, Snowdon).
  • Cycle/camping tour down the river Danube
  • Cycle/camping/canoe tour around Finland

As you can see my interest in cycle trips is varied and my experience can hopefully help you out no matter what your query.


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