Ride advice for tomorrow

Family Cycle Club first ride tomorrow. Some advice if you wish to attend.
1) The ride is starting at Craggies Deli/farm shop at 1000.
2) The first loop is 3 miles and goes back past the start point. So you could end there. If you do the second loop it will be a total of 12.5 miles.
3) If you don’t feel comfortable with your young guns riding on Cragg Road you will might want to just do the first loop.
4) It will be cold and foggy so wrap your kids up well and remember if they are in a trailer they won’t be peddling and will feel the cold even more so they might need a blanket.
5) Some bits are on cart track / bridleways, just a tab bumpy.
6) No shame in pushing.
7) If you tip over in a bog just laugh.
8) I have put some images of the bridleway bits from checking the ride today this fog will only effect you if you do the second loop as you go a bit higher and the weather is going to be similar.
9) The cold and a bit of exercise is perfect for getting rid of the wooly head and holiday blues.
10) You might want to tough it out now so you don’t get called a fair weather rider in the summer 🙂
11) Hope to see you tomorrow with your young guns all groovy and ready for a jaunt.

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