Hadrians Wall: Day 5

Video of route

We left the centre of England on our way to the coast. We had fifty five miles to do today so we got up a touch earlier, by about half an hour which meant we had breakfast at 0800. The breakfast was lovely and we can highly recommend the Ashcroft Guest House in Haltwhistle. The hosts were so helpful and there is not an item that is not immaculately maintained or spotlessly clean and that includes the two acres of garden.In the morning it was that peaceful you could hear the Woodpeckers going at the trees. It was not distracting it was more reassuring that nature was getting on with it outside.The route out was a little hilly but nothing major. Out of the three coast to coast routes I have done I would say this is the least challenging. The Way of the Roses route goes through the Dale’s and there are some big hills going out of Settle and the original C2C route from Whitehaven to Tynemouth goes through the Lake District, so you can imagine that one is a bit hilly two. What made this Hadrians Wall route challenging for us was the wind coming at us and it was doing the same today. It did brighten up in the afternoon, but you still needed to wear a coat and sometimes your hat and gloves as the wind had a bit of a chill to it.The stretch from Haltwhistle goes through some of the nicest villages on the route. We stopped in Newcastle to take some pictures of all the bridges, seven! In such a short stretch of the Tyne. It reminded me a bit of New York with the trains travelling overhead. We had a pint sat outside the Wetherspoons by the river before making our way the ten mile to Tynemouth. We were booked in the Grand Hotel and it is definitely grand. A lovely well kept, modernised and clean hotel. We had our tea in the hotel bar with a couple of drinks but it was early to bed as we were a bit tired.A really good route, shame the wind did not let up the whole trip. At times I thought it had, but then turn a corner and bang it was there again.I would highly recommend this route but if you want to keep the cost down I would plan it for later in the year when you can take your tent with you and camp. Doing hotels and guest houses made it expensive. Or the alternative is just get it done in one day then accomodation is not an issue.

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