Calderdale After Work Cycle & Wild Camp

If you prefer video you can watch a YouTube of the little trip here

We looked at the weather for the Friday when we finished work and the weekend looked good too. We decided midweek that we would pack our commuting bikes up and set off from work do a little ride and wild camp. Our commuting/touring bikes are the amazing Tout Terrain Silkroads. These bikes are super strong and super reliable. They have been used all over the world for daily work runs through to epic world tours.

You can check them out at

Mine is fitted with the 14 speed geared hub made by Rohloff, so extra reliable. I love internal gearboxes, I have a mountain bike with the 18 speed Pinion gearbox.

If you want to know more about Pinion or Rohloff, check out the links below.

As you can see, the frames are German, the gearboxes are German. My SON dynamo light, yes, German. Goes without saying…… They just work! SON Dynamo can be found at

USA and England do have some remarkable products too, these are ones I have selected to go with on these bikes.

We set off from our place of work at Illingworth, Halifax. We rode around Ogden and made our way to the moors of Oxenhope. Once at Oxenhope we put up our tent and heated our cauliflower, broccoli and egg curry we made the night before. We also had a couple of cans of Vocation Heart & Soul with us, some dark chocolate and some fudge.

We had plenty of layers on as the forecast was for about 7-9 degrees. We were toasty warm and had to take some layers off. It was a bit windy on and off but nothing that my tent can’t handle. It was just the noise on occasion would wake you from your deep and cosy sleep.

In the morning we woke up at about 0630 and I got out of my sleeping bag to make some beautiful filter coffee. It does not take long to set up or take down camp and we were on the bikes again about 15-20 mins after our coffee. We did not bother taking anything for breakfast as the plan was to ride to Hebden Bridge and have our breakfast in the beautiful vegetarian cafe/restaurant Leila’s Kitchen. I would normally have the vegan breakfast but I was tempted to have some eggs for a change seeing as they were locally sourced.

You can book a table online at After filling our boots in the cafe it was time to ride the bikes for the final destination, back home.

Having done some amazing tours over the years I have never thought about just packing up and sleeping somewhere you know very well. I imagined it would seem just like another bike ride. But in fact I enjoyed the night immensely. I forgot about work and I really did feel like I was setting off for a few weeks. It is a shame that I had not discovered the joy of a LOCAL ONE NIGHT wild camp sooner. With us now moving from Summer to Autumn I will need to look at the weather more carefully in advance, but as soon as we start to move to spring I can see this happening on a weekly basis. It even makes more sense to travel by train somewhere ride, wild camp and be back the next morning before you have been missed by anyone. With Covid limiting my long distance tours this could be the future for the next year!

You can view the YouTube of the little trip below.

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